Lightning Bear Productions LLC, is a full service video and audio production company servicing Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denton, all of North Texas, Los Angeles, New York and the world. We specialize in feature films, TV shows, commercials, political advertising, music videos, music recording, web site design, and script reading and coverage.


Lightning Bear Projects

A Documentary film portraying the story of seven leaders in the
African American business community and their journey to success.

"A Hero's Welcome" A Feature length documentary film from
Javier Sanchez, about some of our nations greatest war heroes
and how a small Texas town stood up to remember them.


Canadian Film Actress and Singer - Ruta Lee.

Stage and Film Actress - Peggy Kilpatrick.

Advertising Deals. Get advertising time at the movies.

Merchandising Deals

Lightning Bear has the facilities and equipment needed to shoot multi-camera High Definition television right here in Denton. With one TV show already airing weekly on national television, Lightning Bear has the ability to produce an array of quality entertainment.

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After wrapping production on its nationally recognized documentary film, "A Hero's Welcome", Lightning Bear is hard at work on its next feature and is in pre-production on the Pimp-My-Short winning film "Chase".


If you've picked up a publication around town or accross the country then you've seen Lightning Bear. From print ads, photography and magazines, both traditional an on-line, Lightning Bear has the staff, talent and drive to make print marketing materials a total success.

Cafe Du Luxe
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Lightning Bear Studios is the choice of dozens of companies and organizations across the country for their website needs. From the simplest to most complex website available anywhere, Lightning Bear Studios has the technical and creative staff to make it a reality.

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