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Lightning Bear Studios is a US television, film and media production company headquartered in Denton, Texas.

Lightning Bear was founded in the fall of 2005 to provide support for the feature film "Middleton". In 2007, Beverly Hills, CA based entrepreneur and filmmaker Michael J. Brown joined Lightning Bear to expand the company's reach in the marketplace and purchased the company in January 2008.

Brown began looking for a community outside the saturated Los Angeles film market that could support the budding operation and decided on Denton, Texas. The city of Denton is the county seat of Denton County and boasts a population of 612,357 and has experienced a 40% growth rate since 2000. In addition to Denton's rapid population growth, it's well known around the country and the world for its dynamic music and arts scene. Brown moved the company from Beverly Hills, CA to Denton, Texas at the start of 2008. 

In April of 2008, Lightning Bear began production of "A Hero's Welcome", a feature length documentary film focusing on Lt. John Finn, the oldest living Medal of Honor recipient. Finn was awarded his Medal of Honor in the battle at Pearl Harbor. At the time of filming, Finn was 99 years old and was the first recipient to receive the Medal of Honor from Pearl Harbor and was also the last living recipient from Pearl Harbor. In April of 2009 "A Hero's Welcome" premiered at the State Theater in Gainesville Texas in front of hundreds of guests and Mr. Finn.
In May of 2008, Lightning Bear began production of a national television show, "Beer Babes & Movies" reached an estimated 40 million households throughout the United States and featured 3 average guys and 1 "hot" bartender reviewing the latest movies and entertainment news.

Lightning Bear believes community service and awareness is paramount to its success, and in late 2008 partnered with the Denton, Texas Chamber of Commerce to create the television show "DCTV" which highlights area businesses and can be seen on Verizon, Charter and the Chamber's website. Lightning Bear also provided technical and design services to create the chamber's state-of-the-art website and media delivery system. Since the development and success of the Denton Chamber of Commerce system, Lightning Bear has gone on to redevelop many of Denton's most important web properties such as the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau, Leadership Denton and the Denton Young Professionals.